1473571.jpg  West Texas Canine College is owned and operated by trainer Linda Barnett and is located in Midland, Texas.  Linda has trained dogs professionally for 15 years. Linda is an approved AKC Canine Good Citizenship evaluator with a background in training hunting dogs, mobility & retrieving service dogs, therapy dogs, obedience and rally trial dogs. 


     West Texas Canine College is dedicated to providing its clients with quality instruction in obedience training. We specialize in Basic Obedience Boarding & Training, offer Weekend Basic Obedience Workshops, and we teach Competitive Obedience and Rally Trial Classes. We also sell PTSD and Mobility and Retrieving Service Dogs on a very limited basis.

     Linda's "Balanced Obedience Training" utilizes training techniques that are based on developing a working relationship between dog and handler. We often see clients frustrated by dogs who do not listen to commands when distracted.  These problems are caused by inconsistent and unbalanced training. Linda's "Balanced Obedience Training" system will help owners resolve these issues by teaching them how to properly teach and motivate their dogs while maintaining high standards of behavior.  The result of this type of training is a dog that is confident performing his obedience behaviors.